Saturday, May 31, 2014


Accessing Heavens and Earth- Boldness by repentance
15 September 2013
Week 9

Morning bold and loving ones. Today we will see how sons Love and what makes sons bold. We will specifically look at the boldness of Jesus and the love of Jesus as Son. I trust that these lessons will stay in you this day.

The boldness of a servant is a show off to the master. The love of a servant is looking for a reward. You will learn how to be bold without expressing the servant characteristics. The boldness of servants is based on the applause of the master. Many sports heroes we have today are driven by reward to be bold other than love of what they are doing. Some will go evangelize to show the pastor that they are there. Some will go door to door to please the church crowds as the church superman or even batman. They don't do this because of their Love for God.

Many of our heroes they have done the greatest acts of boldness in the stage but ran away from their children. Yet we idolize these people. You have to pick out what boldness is from the Son perspective. We are not given the spirit of FEAR. But of POWER (BOLDNESS) Love and Sound Mind.

Many of our heroes have to be a bit tipsy for their boldness to come out. They need some drug enhancer and move out of their minds. Our boldness carries in it a sound mind. Our boldness is not accidental but a decision from our secret place. Our boldness is not sitting in the seat of crowds but in our Secret Throne of Grace. Our boldness does not need announcing but it is boldness that is seated in the Zion Throne. Our Boldness carries humility and does not seek approval of men. When I am bold; it is enough for it to stay between me and my Father. It is not a charm I use for crowd pulling.

Acts of boldness are private decisions of repentance. I will repeat that. Acts of boldness are a series of private decisions of repentance and improvement. Boldness is within therefore it is coming with a lot of private victories. You can carry a lot of private victories and some temporary public defeats. Never chase public victories while carrying a lot of private defeats. The orphan spirit enjoys many of public victories while you crumble daily within. Redefine what boldness means to you this day.

I know of biggest gladiators on a wrestling stage who eventually committed suicide because the wife cheated or something. Beware of the boldness of a manifesting demon it is just deception. The thing we call boldness today is deception.

Sons are bold to finish their assignments. Sons are bold to manifest to the creation and bring the Father's Glory. Sons are bold to carry out their visions that come from their father's dream. The boldness of the son is connected to the father's dream. Whatever boldness that disconnects you to your father is road that leads to destruction.

Some people are not bold but just demons manifesting inside them. We now idolize these people without noticing that we idolize demons inside them. We treasure their acts of boldness but we don't know that it's demons within.

Now let the Bold Son come out of you. Question: what does this has to do with Accessing Heavens? Answer: All acts of boldness are acted from some heavens. Higher heavens or lower heavens. Those who will access heavens daily have to do that with boldness.

Heb 4:16, "enter the throne of grace with boldness."



  1. What this world considers as boldness reveals the orphan spirit within. Boldness that formerly belonged to fathers has been transferred to heroes. It take boldness to provide and to protect. This work belong to fathers and not to heroes. May the fathers be bold enough to return home.

  2. Amen dad, we need to know where we are first ( taking a stand). That will help us to stay in Higher heavens, and boldness from higher heavens will show up and the angels will serve us daily.