Saturday, May 31, 2014


Accessing Heavens and Earth: Session 13
 29 August 2013

Today I was in a high level business meeting. It was quite intimidating even as people introduced themselves. XXXXXX is the 3rd largest platinum producing mine in the world. XXXXX is one of the big players in the industry. These two companies chose mentors who will mentor the businesses which they supply. I was chosen as one of the mentors.

Today it was our first workshop. As we were 15 minutes in the meeting I heard a voice. The voice said who said you only access heavens in church? "I want you to access heavens as you are seated here and listen this meeting from your heavens office" said the voice. I said well I don't know how to do it! The Holy Ghost said: I will teach you. As I said there I took the servant soul in me and flew it from earth to heaven. I took my mind to my heaven offices where my spirit permanently dwells. I closed my eyes just for ten seconds and I knew that I have arrived. I opened my eyes and the first thing that happened I loved everyone in the meeting. I listened with peace in my soul.

Everyone that spoke felt that I am the one who listens more. And everyone started talking facing my direction. They felt the rays of love and they identified with the listener in me. I did not say a word but I listened like a billionaire. Many of them were in the lower heavens and I saw them down there. I looked them with love and they could sense deep within that I am seated from above. This was a two hour meeting. After one hour I commented for about 4 minutes. From that small comment the meeting changed direction like everyone was orbiting around me.

You see the sun is very quiet. Though the winds roar and storms rage but the sun is quiet. The sun's slightest movement changes the agenda of the universe. The sunshine is the glory radiated to the universe. The sonshine is the Father Glory radiated through us! When you tap in the glory level you don't make a quick prayer before the meeting. You don't run to the toilet for a quick prayer. You are a son and not a servant. You can Access Heavens from any direction and any moment.

Servants are waiting to access heavens when they die. Sons access heavens every moment! When I seated in my heavens office I felt boldness! This boldness was full of love. I heard them well and understood them perfectly. I knew that I hold the axis and the whole meeting is rotating around me. Everyone felt the protection that came from me to everyone of them. Get ready because you are going to do great things.

When you operate from lower heavens at work you are filled with stress. I am helping someone today and you shall testify tomorrow. From this meeting I made presentations from When I made these presentations I stood in my office in Mount Zion. I saw responses that amazed me! People you can access heavens in the market place! You don't have to spend the time preaching during a critical working hour! All you need is to bring the glory!!

The glory is the sonshine and is quiet as sunshine. When sunshine wakes you up it does not come with noise! You just feel a warm gentle touch of light in your face. Warmth is silent and light is silent and that's how the glory is! The silence of the glory speaks louder and brings life to every dead situation.

Take heed of the times! The sons are manifesting on earth. If you are one of them please join us as we Access Heavens.



  1. Accessing Heavens is a story about change of thought patterns and character. As the soul engages in this practice daily you will be amazed by the powerful results. Soul may be servant but carries great power of change when obeying the spirit within.

  2. May we never miss the time to manifest

  3. Opening our hearts and loving wholeheartedly changes everything!

  4. Amen. When we access heavens we can shift the atmosphere and situations change. Deep!